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The following expression shows a simplification of a radical with a missing index.a 2x+y b x+2y − − − √ □ =a b 2 ⋅a 2x b x − − √ □
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Compute the principal for the following loan. (Round to the nearest cent, 2 places after decimal.) Principal Rate (%) Time Interest 10½ % 10 months $5
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a bucket outside has 2 inches of rain in it. it rains steadily for 8 days, adding an inch of rain to the bucket each day. how many inches of rain are in the bucket?
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You are the owner of a Jani-King cleaning service franchise. Your accountant has determined that your business will need $27,500 in new equipment in 3 years. If your bank is paying 6% interest compounded monthly, how much must you invest today to meet this financial goal? (Round to the nearest whole dollar.) (Points : 2.5) 13. Bob and Joy Salkind want to save $50,000 in 5 ½ years for home improvement projects. If the Bank of Aventura is paying 8% interest compounded quarterly, how much must the couple deposit now to have the money for the projects? (Points : 2.5)
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