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Just watching my students, one after another, easily grasp these higher mathematical concepts and really, truly understand what they are doing, makes Algebrator worth the price of admission. Furthermore, for the gains, the price is tremendously inexpensive!
Bim Oyadare, FL

The Algebrator is the greatest software ever!
Jeff Brooks, ID

OK here is what I like: much friendlier interface, coverage of functions, trig. better graphing, wizards. However, still no word problems, pre-calc, calc. (Please tell me that you are working on it - who is going to do my homework when I am past College Algebra?!?
John Kattz, WA

Wow! I wish I would have had the Algebrator when I first started learning algebra. I purchased it for my college algebra class, and I love it. Thank you, Thank you!!
Jessie James, AK

Super piece of software! I'm finally acing all of my algebra tests! Thanks a lot!
Lucy, GA

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