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Thank you, thank you and thank you. I was struggling to understand algebra but getting nowhere. I had asked friends for help but the light just wouldnt turn on. I stopped asking because I felt stupid. But with your software, it was all there. The step by step instructions helped me on every question until finally I could see the patterns and understand them. I could also learn in the privacy of my home.
Tom Sandy, NE

Thank you! Your software (Algebrator) was a great help with my algebra homework.
Monica, TX

Its been a long time since I needed to understand algebra and when it came time to helping my son, I couldnt do it. Now, with your algebra software, we are both learning together.
Sam Willis, MD

The Algebrator was very helpful, it helped me get back on track and bring back my skills for my next school season. The program shows step by step solutions which made learning easier. I think this would be very helpful to anyone just starting to learn algebra, or even if they already know it, it would sharpen their skills.
Alex Starke, OR

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