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The Problem

Frodo is making a stack of pancakes for each of his guests. He has 67 blueberries to put on the pancakes, and he wants to make sure each stack of pancakes has the same number of blueberries. If he has any leftover blueberries, he'll just save them for later.

If Frodo is having 1 orc, 4 hobbits, 2 humans, 1 elf and 1 wizard over for breakfast, how many blueberries will be left over?

Answer provided by our tutors

67 blueberries split evenly between Frodo and 1+4+2+1+1=9 guests, means dividing 67 by 10

67/10 = 6.7, or 6 7/10

each guest will get 6 blueberries, with 7 left over

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