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shortcut formula to solve square root
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Registered: 29.05.2003
From: Marl, Germany

post url Posted: Friday 06th of Nov 21:50    

Hello everyone! . Ever since I have started shortcut formula to solve square root at college I never seem to be able to get through it well. I am well versed at all the other chapters , but this particular chapter seems to be my weakness . Can some one help me in learning it easily ?
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Registered: 25.10.2006
From: Siberia, Russian Federation

post url Posted: Sunday 08th of Nov 15:40    

Don’t be so disheartened . I know exactly what you are going through right now. When I was a student, we didn’t have much of a hope in such a situation , but today thanks to Algebrator my son is doing wonderfully well in his math classes. He used to face problems in topics such as shortcut formula to solve square root and inverse matrices but all his questions were answered by this one simple to use tool known as Algebrator. Try it and I’m sure you’ll do well tomorrow.
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Registered: 24.10.2003
From: Where the trout streams flow and the air is nice

post url Posted: Monday 09th of Nov 09:22    

Algebrator did help my son to have high marks in Math . Good thing we found this great program because I believe it did not only help him to have high grades in his homeworks but also assisted him in his tests since the program helped in explaining the process of solving the problem by displaying the solution.
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Registered: 23.04.2003

post url Posted: Monday 09th of Nov 10:24    

It’s amazing that a software can perform that. I didn’t expect something like that could really be helpful in math . I’m used to be tutored by a teacher but this really sounds promising . Do you have any links for this program?
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Registered: 23.11.2001
From: Leeds, UK

post url Posted: Tuesday 10th of Nov 08:54    

You should have a look at https://softmath.com/reviews-of-algebra-help.html. Your algebra will improve in a short time, you shall see! All the best!
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Flash Fnavfy Liom


Registered: 15.12.2001

post url Posted: Thursday 12th of Nov 07:36    

Algebrator is a user friendly software and is certainly worth a try. You will also find several interesting stuff there. I use it as reference software for my math problems and can swear that it has made learning math much more fun .
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