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solving quadratic equations third order
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Registered: 25.04.2005

post url Posted: Thursday 14th of Mar 08:29    

Can someone assist me? I am in deep trouble . It’s about solving quadratic equations third order. I tried to find somebody in my vicinity who can assist me with point-slope, function range and fractional exponents. But I was unsuccessful. I also know that it will be hard for me to meet the expense . My exams are coming up very soon . What should I do? Somebody out there who can help me?
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Registered: 11.03.2004
From: Netherlands

post url Posted: Friday 15th of Mar 08:22    

You don’t need to ask anybody to solve any sample questions for you; as a matter of fact all you need is Algebrator. I’ve tried quite a few such algebra simulation software but Algebrator is a lot better than most of them. It’ll solve all the questions that you have and it’ll even explain each and every step involved in reaching that answer. You can try out as many examples as you would like to, and unlike us human beings, it won’t ever say, Oh! I’ve had enough for the day! ;) Even I had some problems in solving questions on simplifying fractions and function definition, but this software really helped me get over those.
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Sdefom Koopmansshab


Registered: 28.10.2001
From: Woudenberg, Netherlands

post url Posted: Saturday 16th of Mar 07:20    

My parents could not afford my college expenses , so I had to work in the evening, after my classes. Solving problems at the end of the day seemed to be difficult for me at those times. A friend introduced Algebrator to me and since then I never had trouble solving my equations.
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Registered: 19.03.2002

post url Posted: Monday 18th of Mar 08:43    

Sorry guys. But whenever I see those book and piles of classwork , I just can’t seem to retain my confidence . Thanks a lot for the suggestion and I will use it for sure. Where can I get this thing?
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Registered: 15.05.2002

post url Posted: Wednesday 20th of Mar 10:03    

Yes I’m sure. This is tried and tested. Here: https://softmath.com/about-algebra-help.html. Try to make use of it. You’ll be improving your solving abilities way faster than just by reading tutorials.
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Registered: 10.07.2002
From: NW AR, USA

post url Posted: Wednesday 20th of Mar 17:03    

3x3 system of equations, trigonometric functions and function definition were a nightmare for me until I found Algebrator, which is really the best math program that I have ever come across. I have used it frequently through several algebra classes – Algebra 1, Pre Algebra and Basic Math. Just typing in the algebra problem and clicking on Solve, Algebrator generates step-by-step solution to the problem, and my algebra homework would be ready. I truly recommend the program.
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